Live Today

IMAG2748I’m struck today by the importance of NOW.  I am so tempted to live then or when, but God is asking me to live right now.

Right now involves a misty, slightly dreary day. Yesterday was amazing and beautiful, it felt full of the hope of spring then. Today I am reminded that Glasgow is rarely the same two days running.

Today is a day with my son, a day to enjoy him, to grow with him. When it’s just me and him, I am tempted to become distracted with other things, to worry and bother about what I must do later, and what it will be like when

God is in tomorrow, and yesterday, but I am not! I can only live in this one moment…so, the invitation is to live it, fully and wildly, in all it’s glory and mundanity. Don’t escape into facebook, email, news and weather reports, my own thoughts and worries and daydreams. There is life in front of me, being lived whether I notice or not…time to put the laptop away…


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