Live Today

IMAG2748I’m struck today by the importance of NOW.  I am so tempted to live then or when, but God is asking me to live right now.

Right now involves a misty, slightly dreary day. Yesterday was amazing and beautiful, it felt full of the hope of spring then. Today I am reminded that Glasgow is rarely the same two days running.

Today is a day with my son, a day to enjoy him, to grow with him. When it’s just me and him, I am tempted to become distracted with other things, to worry and bother about what I must do later, and what it will be like when

God is in tomorrow, and yesterday, but I am not! I can only live in this one moment…so, the invitation is to live it, fully and wildly, in all it’s glory and mundanity. Don’t escape into facebook, email, news and weather reports, my own thoughts and worries and daydreams. There is life in front of me, being lived whether I notice or not…time to put the laptop away…


You Are Smarter Than the Marketers

Yes, you are!  How do I teach this to my son as he grows up?  You don’t need everything that is put in front of your eyes, but oh how they will convince you that you do!  I suppose teaching him begins with practicing it myself.  Yesterday we had a moment…and due to my husband’s self control, we practiced what we want to preach.

Groupon is great…we cashed in a voucher this weekend at a photo studio, offering a photo session and 9 prints of your favourite pose for only £15, a £125 savings!  Groupon only works for the studio if they can convince you that you need more than 9 prints, or more than one pose.  The photo session on Saturday was fab.  We had great fun with the photographer, she snapped 92 photos in about 20 minutes, some of the three of us, loads of just the boy.  We set up our viewing appointment and were on our way.

Ahhh the viewing appointment is where they get you!  We practiced our “no” before we went in.  We will take our 9 prints of the one pose and leave, enjoying our £125 savings. Then she dimmed the lights and began the slideshow.  My breath caught as I looked at this beautiful family on the screen. Who were they?!  Is that us!?  And I knew, “we’re going to have to spend some money!”  Then she showed us the price list: £95 for one A4 sized photo, £185 for 2, or for £495 you can get the whole CD and the copyright to all those beautiful pictures.  “Can we take a day to think about it?”  “No, unfortunately we have to destroy all the images after this viewing or our database would become backed up.  Most people like to take the CD as it provides memories to look back on for years to come.”  I thought, “Christmas! We can buy the CD and give it to all our relatives for their Christmas!”

Now that’s what I call a memory!

She left the room for 90 seconds so we could discuss.  John’s response to my impulse was, “Honey, it’s £500. We flagged 4 prints as our favourites…that’s £125 per photo.  Do you really want to spend that? Are these memories really more important than the photos we’ve taken at home?” And then I remembered, “There is always a choice.” They were successfully convincing me that a beautifully photoshopped print was more memorable than the hilarity of a moment with my boys in the pool or watching him discover he can walk along the furniture. And so the woman returned, we ordered our 9 “free” prints, and we walked out the door, leaving behind a slightly bewildered studio owner.

Today I feel grateful that I will soon be receiving a beautiful print of our family for a fraction of what it would have cost, and I have great respect for my husband and son that will last a whole lot longer than a CD full of pictures.

And I realise that this is the way we teach our son to live in freedom…we choose to live in it ourselves!

Two years on…

Since my last post I seem to have developed a husbandImage

and an AMAZING baby

Yes it has been THAT long since I’ve posted on here.  Life has been good, and seems to be on fast forward.  Whilst not a fan of morning sickness, elephant-sized ankles, or lumbering like a whale when turning over in bed, I have found mothering the babe that came from the bump to be a phenomenal experience, one that has whipped me into shape emotionally, spiritually and physically.  There’s not a whole lot of “reflecting” these days, not in the way I used to know it.  But there seems to be a whole lot more awareness and purpose, as each day brings a whole new set of learning, loving and action…there’s no procrastinating in this gig!


It’s been awhile

I just noticed that the last time I blogged was about 4 hours before my fiance proposed to me…a lot has happened since May 14th!

Just a very brief update, and a promise that I’ll return, if anyone is still out there reading!

John and I are planning to marry on the 4th of December. We are still waiting for the governments permission, and would appreciate prayer that this will come through soon!

View from the top of Buechaille Etive Mor

I’ve not been taking many photos this year…maybe because I’ve not been exploring as many new places. It seems new places inspire the lens!

Life is good, Glasgow is moving into autumn-mode, and tea is becoming an afternoon staple.

Loads of thoughts on life, love and relationship with God, which at some point will make their way from my spinning head onto paper, and some might make their way here.

And, two more mountains to add to my list…

Slow but sure

Next installment of Glasgow spring… It’s been quite slow in unfolding this year… Sort of reminds me of life… You think the exciting bits will be quite sudden and fantastic but you’ve still got to put one foot in front of the other to walk them out!

Anyway, enjoy the pictures… Kelvingrove park April 10th.